Welcome to the NUtopia website. Not much of one yet.

You can view the NUtopia thread on the Utopia Temple Forums, by clicking here.

Now to answer some basic questions

Q: What is NUtopia?
A: NUtopia is Not Utopia. It is actually two different things. Firstly, NUtopia is a remake of the 3rd age of Utopia. Secondly, it is the NUtopia Server System.

Q: What is the NUtopia Server System?
A: The NUtopia Server System is a server that allows individuals to run their own versions of the Utopia game

Q: But you just said that NUtopia is Not Utopia
A: True - what I mean is that NUtopia is not the game run by Swirve, however, it *is* a derivitive work of that game. NUtopia lets people run their own versions of the game, for example, replay an old age, tweak an old age, or simply create a new set game rules altogether.

Q: So I can download the server and run my own game?
A: Yes, when it is ready for release. Until then, I will run games on it in order to test it (I will probably continue to run games after I release it)

Q: What kind of tweaking does the server allow?
A: Not much at this point. As I update the server, I will add more functionality so that people can customize more things.

Q: OK, you said NUtopia was a remake of the 3rd age of Utopia
A: Yes, but all the information about the 3rd age may or may not still be available - I havn't been able to find all of it... so it's not 100% accurate, though I am trying for 100% accuracy

Q: What was the 3rd age like?
A: Very different. Both in the attitudes of players and the game mechanics. For example, there were boats. There were no warhorses, wizards didn't take up population space, there was no happiness, no 'hostile/war only' ops, the military units and race attributes were different. There were no undead. Attackers were not underbalanced vs thieves and mages. Many different things. Try reading this

Anyway... please visit us on IRC: the server is irc.utonet.org and the channel is #nutopia .. I go by the name 'modulus' You can view a change log here, and a progress report here

The staff members of the NUtopia Project are: Alelui (Server Admin)
Sigget (General Helper /Tester)
Zae (General Helper / Tester)
Prevx (IRC Operator)
Zippy^ (General Helper / Tester)

Special thanks to:
All my staff, and all the people who visit #nutopia
And others I forgot to mention

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